SSL Certificates

SSL Certs

Single Domain

Single Domain Certificate provides quick, easy automated validation to protect your site. The Single Domain SSL Certificate is intended to protect a single domain on a dedicated or shared IP address

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Multidomain Certificate is tailored to meet the needs of smaller businesses! Each Multidomain Certificate comes with three subdomains for more flexibility and functionality.

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Wildcard SSL

Wildcard SSL Certificate lets you protect multiple subdomains with a single certificate
There is no need to install a separate certificate for each subdomain. a Wildcard Certificate can handle them all.

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Domain Validated

This is a hassle-free cert ideally for entry-level deployments – a perfect choice for websites that don’t deal with large amounts of user info or need to establish trust. It’s great for blogs, startups and personal pages.

Domain Vallidated SSL’s


The Extended Validation (EV) SSL/TLS Certificate automatically displays your verified organizational information within the certificate details. The EV validation process helps boost customer trust by providing industry leading identity assurance.

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OV-certificate (Organisation Validation) is a certificate that confirms the existence of the organisation. To get an OV certificate, the company must complete the validation process. During validation, the certification centre must ensure legal and existence of the company.

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Unified Communications Certificates (UCC) are also considered Multi-domain SSL certificates. UCCs were initially designed to secure Microsoft Exchange and Live Communications servers.


Standard Features on all SSL Certs from us

  • Our certicates work with over 99% of all browsers
  • Full mobile support
  • Satisfies HIPAA & PCI Compliance

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