Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud Infrastrutures refer to the hardware and software components that support the delivery of a cloud-based service. Traditional on-premise data centres have static system archietectures where-as cloud infrastrutures are built for scalability allowing for resource scaling, sharing and provisioning among users located at disparate geographic locations.

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Public Cloud Hosting
Private Cloud Hosting

Managed Microsoft Cloud Services

Approved Microsoft Business Partner
£ 49
  • Expert management of Microsoft business servers.
  • High Level of Corporate Automation
  • Includes Exchange, Sharepoint, Dynamics AX

Private Cloud Network

Private Computing Environment
£ 34
  • More efficient in the use of computing resources.
  • Resilience to technical failures
  • Cloud infrastructure offers a high level of security

Cloud Servers

A physical server that works in a virtual infrastructure cloud,
£ 24
  • Pricing based on exact specifications
  • Start small and scale up as you grow
  • Upgrade and clone more servers as required

Cloud Block Storage

Fully redundant, enterprise-grade storage system.
£ 5
  • High Performance SSD Drives
  • Always available Virtual Hard Disk
  • Increase size as required.
Managed Microsoft Cloud Services
We work together with Microsoft to create solutions that address the needs of today’s businesses. You can trust us to provide the expertise you need, for the Microsoft technologies your business relies on.
Private Cloud Network is a cloud computing model from SSL-Marketplace that provides you with exclusive access to your computing environment. Our service provides a totally isolated, 40 Gbit/sec high performance local network.

Cloud Servers from SSL-Marketplace is an infinitely scalable, low-cost server solution that cannot be matched in terms of availability, performance and more.Our cloud server pricing is based on your exact specifications.
Cloud Block Storage is a scalable data storage system, ideal for databases and applications hosted on cloud servers. Cloud Block Storage is a virtual hard disk that’s always available, and can be increased in size as required.
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