Disaster Preparedness

Ten Questions You Need to Answer to Survive a Data Disaster

Any business regardless of its size or stature needs a plan in the event of a disaster. In the case of your ecommerce business ensuring that you have all of your data backed up is imperative, whether that is customer data, product/supplier data and your most important asset being your employees personal data.

  1. What are your key systems and assets?

2. What risks does your business face if your core applications are not available for an hour? A day? A week?

3. What disasters are you guarding against?

4. What is your recovery time objective(RTO)? Is this specific to each application and/or customer-facing system?

5. What is your recovery point objective(RPO)? Is this specific for each application and/or customer-facing system?

6. Who are the key stakeholders and decision-makers who will need to be involved in any data recovery process? Do they know their roles?

7. Do you have a written recovery plan, and if so, does it also meet all compliance objectives?

8. Are you currently backing up your data? To an off-site location?

9. How long would it take to recreate all your proprietary data? Could you? At what cost?

10. When is the last time your organization completed a full recovery test?