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Every Sectigo SSL issued by SSL-Marketplace includes SiteLock’s award winning website monitoring with a bonus one-time malware remediation and vulnerability patching.

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  • Introducing the Sectigo SSL + SiteLock Free Bundle

Securing websites with just SSL encryption is not enough to protect customers from today’s web-based threats. Website attacks are on the rise.

Customers count on us for protection. We are 100% committed in keeping our customers secure by offering protection that is beyond web encryption with SiteLock’s complete security solutions.

Our services include:

SiteLock Free bundle

All Sectigo SSL products will include a SiteLock Free bundle at no additional cost.

Free For All Customers

The free features included in this bundle will be on-by-default and apply to both existing and new SSL-Marketplace customers.

Dedicated Support

Our customers will receive website monitoring, risk reports and email notifications when threats are detected during the life term of the SSL subscription.

Remediation Service

If/when malware or a vulnerability is discovered, SiteLock will also perform a one-time remediation service at no charge.


SSL/TLS certificates are a web security necessity. Required by most major browsers, they’re proven to improve SEO, boost transactions, and protect both website owners and their visitors from phishing scams, data breaches, and other threats.

Our broad range of Sectigo’s certificate options includes simple tools and automation capabilities so customers can quickly select, purchase, and install a certificate with ease.

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