Comodo Personal Authentication Certificates

Cost effective solution to secure emails & documents and authenticate users

Product Summary
Comodo Personal Authentication Certificates (CPACs) are easy and affordable solutions used to secure business communications. These certificates allow you to encrypt and digitally sign email communications, offer two-factor authentication of users and employees, secure important company documents sent across the network, and will authenticate to ensure they have clearance to access online servers. CPACs are fully trusted by all major email clients and internet browsers and rolling them out to employees or customers is a breeze.

Strict Mailbox
Validated S/MIME

Multipurpose Mailbox
Validated S/MIME

Multipurpose Organization
Validated S/MIME

Max. Term
2 Years
2 Years
2 Years
Validation Requirements
Email Verification
Email Verification
Email Verification
Certificate Fields
Email Encryption
Email Signing
Client Authentication
Document Signing

Microsoft Office & OpenOffice Signing

Microsoft Office & OpenOffice Signing

Price From
₹ 1,055.15/year
₹ 2,081.65/year
₹ 2,676.65/year
Secure Email

For businesses looking to follow the best web security practices, email encryption is a must. Encrypting and digitally signing your emails will help your company avoid accidental data exposure, breaches of privacy, and other security missteps that could lead to serious implications. Luckily, CPAC solutions add encryption strength up to 256-bit and a greater sense of security to your email communication.

CPAC provides true end-to-end encryption between the sender and the recipient. This ensures that once the email leaves your network, it can never be intercepted and decrypted by https proxies, man-in-the-middle attackers, packet-sniffers, or any other hackers.

Each certificate uses highly secure PKI (Private Key Infrastructure) to prove a user’s identity to a remote server or computer, which is much quicker and far more cost-effective than using physical tokens.

Setting up CPACs is extremely easy! And after the initial installation is complete, all of your servers will require that each user present their certificate in order to be accessed – in addition to username and password. This will help ensure that you have all of the checks and balances in place to keep unwanted users off your servers!

Document Signing

CPACs let you to easily sign important company documents, allowing you to identify yourself as the signer and prove the document hasn’t been tampered with since you signed it. Comodo Personal Authentication Certificates allow you to prove your identity on Microsoft Office (docx, pptx, xlsx, etc.) or Open Office documents, and ensure your signed files haven’t been altered. These certificates will also help you migrate from ink to paper-based workflows on items like document sign-offs, contracts, offer sheets, archiving, and internal request forms. CPACs can also be used in tandem with or as a complete replacement for the visible signature feature in Microsoft® Office products.

Two-Factor Authentication

If your business supports remote access to servers that contain vital customer or corporate data, relying on passwords as the sole gatekeepers is simply not enough with the stakes being so high. You’ll want a stronger guarantee that the person accessing an online account or network resource is a legitimate employee, not a hacker that has managed to steal a username and password – which is much easier than you think!

CPACs mitigate this risk by setting up two-factor authentication or both employees and customers. Two-factor authentication is the industry standard utilized by banks all over the world.

Mobile & Browser Compatibility

Comodo Personal Authentication Certificates are trusted by all major mail clients, browsers and mobile devices, such as:

System Requirements & Compatibility

Clients: Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail, Samsung Mail, Thunderbird, and more.

OS: MacOS, Windows, Android, iOS

Features & Benefits
Secure your email communications with strong 256-bit encryption & digital signatures

Fast and easy to roll out to employees and/or customers

Binds user and device identities with strong PKI authentication

Simple & fast validation process

Digital signatures bind users’ identities to message content to add authenticity and security to emails

Compatible with Exchange servers and mail gateway appliances

Product Specifications

Minimum encryption key length: RSA/DSA 2048 bit

Digital signatures identify you as the sender and prove that the message genuinely came from you and not an impersonator

Supports major business software including Microsoft® Office suite, Open Office Suite, and more

Two-factor authentication of users who log-in to company servers and websites

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