DigiCert Verified Mark Certificates (VMC)

Make Your Mark On Emails With New Digital Certificates That Showcase Your Brand, Improve Security, and Boost Engagement
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Product Summary
Compatible With Any Trademarked Logo: Yes
Dedicated Validation Specialist: Yes
One Certificate Required Per Sending Domain: Yes
Compatible With SVG Logo File Types: Yes
Supported by Gmail & Yahoo: Yes
Mobile Friendly: Unlimited
Boost Email Engagement By Showcasing Your Logo in Gmail, Yahoo, and Other Email Clients
With DigiCert’s Verified Mark Certificates (VMC), organizations typically see a 10% boost in email engagement rates on average. They’re a powerful new tool designed to help brands grow while offering improved protection from scammers and phishing attempts.

VMCs display a company’s verified logo next to the “sender” field in the recipient’s inbox, providing brand consistency and recognition that promotes growth. They’re an easy way to build trust and increase customer interaction, as users are much more likely to open an email when they see a logo they know and trust. DigiCert VMCs make your communications stand out from the rest, giving you an edge in a crowded inbox.

VMCs also fight phishing. Considering 75% of organizations around the world experience a phishing attack, the added protection of VMCs is critical. In addition to the verified logo, VMCs require DMARC implementation, which helps businesses protect both themselves and their customers.

VMCs are a win for everyone involved. Get started today and mark your words with the power of a verified logo.

How It Works

There are a few prerequisites that must be in place before an organization can be issued a VMC, which are listed below. No need to stress, though – when you go with The SSL Store™ for your VMC, you’ll get a dedicated Implementation Specialist to help expediate the validation process and guide you every step of the way.

Before you can start using your VMC, you’ll need to:

  1. Be DMARC compliant. More specifically, the DMARC record for your domain must be set to either “p=quarantine” or “p=reject”. If you aren’t sure about your domain.
  2. Have an officially registered logo. VMCs are available for both private organizations and governments. Government agencies must present a law or government record granting their logo. Private organizations must have their logo registered with one of these intellectual property offices:
    • United States Patent and Trademark Office
    • Canadian Intellectual Property Office
    • European Union Intellectual Property Office
    • UK Intellectual Property Office
    • Germany: Deutsches Patent- und Markenamt
    • Japan Trademark Office
    • Spanish Patent and Trademark Office O.A.
    • IP Australia
    • Intellectual Property India
    • Korean Intellectual Property Office
    • Brazil: Instituto Nacional da Propriedade Industrial
    • French Bureau de la propriété littéraire et artistique
    • Benelux Office for Intellectual Property
    • Denmark Ministry of Culture
    • Swedish Intellectual Property Office
    • Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property
    • Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand
  3. Format your logo file correctly. It must be a square and in the SVG image file format.
  4. Purchase your VMC. The certificate authority will then validate your organization and logo.
  5. Publish a BIMI DNS record for your domain. This tells your email server which image file to display as your logo.
  6. Your logo will automatically display in Gmail, Yahoo, and other participating email clients.

If you have any questions along the way, reach out to our Customer Care Team and we’ll be happy to help

Features & Benefits
Marketing Benefits

Higher engagement rates – After implementing a VMC, businesses experience a 10% increase to engagement rates on average.

Brand consistency – Unify your communications and provide a more recognizable messaging experience.

Avoid phishing and malware – The DigiCert S/MIME Certificate proves the email sender’s identity is accurate and truthful, so you and your team can confirm that the emails they receive are not spoofed emails from a cybercriminal.

Greater authenticity – When customers see your verified logo, they’ll instantly associate it with trust and peace of mind.

Stand out from the rest – Our inboxes are cluttered and it’s easy for messages to get lost in the shuffle. VMCs help yours get consistently opened.

Better brand impressions – Recipients don’t just see a generic avatar or initials in their inbox, but your unique and professional brand logo.

IT & Security Benefits

Put your security on display – Recipients will see a visual indicator that you’re dedicated to implementing the highest levels of email security via DMARC.

Stop phishing – Thanks to encryption and digital signatures, VMCs cant be forged. In combination with DMARC, they make it much harder for hackers to succeed with identity-focused attacks.

Mandatory DMARC – DMARC gives IT departments a higher level of visibility and control over the messages that are coming in and out of the organization.

Improved detection – With DMARC enforcement, it’s much easier to identify how often attackers are targeting your organization and the methods they’re using.

Reliability and consistency – The combination of DMARC and VMCs not only keep phishing attempts at bay but ensure that legitimate emails are consistently delivered.

How Many VMCs Do I Need?

The chart below will tell you how many VMCs you’ll need depending on how many domains and subdomains you have, and how many logos you’ll be using:

Why Buy from The SSL Store™ ?

VMCs are an exciting innovation in our digital world, and with that comes new requirements, validation procedures, and implementation processes. Don’t let that scare you, though – at the The SSL Store™, our expertise extends to VMCs and we’ve been involved with them since their initial trial.

When you purchase a VMC from us, you’ll get your own dedicated Implementation Specialist to guide you through validation, help get your VMC set up, and answer any questions you may have along the way.

Founded in 2007, The SSL Store™ stands on its knowledge, expert team and unmatched industry relationships with the top cybersecurity brands in the world. From its 30-day money back guarantee to its highly devoted and knowledgeable support staff (available 24/7 via live chat, phone or email), it’s not hard to see just how much we care about you – the customer.

DigiCert Brand




As the premier brand in the TLS/SSL, IoT and PKI space, DigiCert hangs its hat on offering industry-leading solutions for every digital certificate use case. They’re one of only two CAs that have been trusted to start selling VMCs, and have a wealth of resources to help customers learn about and prepare for implementing their VMC.

No other brand inspires the same level of trust, thanks to DigiCert’s widespread adoption and their easily recognizable DigiCert seal. With the ability to support any digital certificate at any scale and unparalleled proficiency in encryption and authentication, its easy to see why 97 of the top 100 global banks feel confident in choosing DigiCert.